PLanning your Time at Eddrachilles


North West Sutherland is full of things to do and see from bird watching, photography and wildlife boat trips to beaches, deep time travel, hill walks, fishing, watching hand-painting of world famous ceramics, buying crafts and enjoying local fresh food.

We’re always delighted to help our guests plan their time here. The team at Eddrachilles is fully accredited by Visit Scotland as an iKnow source of information about our local area. We’ve maps, leaflets, books and a comprehensive guest information pack waiting for you.

To get you started, here are some useful links to a selection of places around Eddrachilles Hotel:

There are also some more detailed suggestions on this website, our Facebook and Instagram pages and - coming soon - in our hotel blog. We’d also recommend Heart of Sutherland Tourism for a range of things to do on a day trip from Eddrachilles. Any specific questions, please just ask us, we love to share..

One important thing to remember when planning your precious holiday is that the NW tip of Scotland is a wild landscape, remote and the roads are often single track. It often takes longer to reach destinations than the map might suggest. Some “must see’ points also involve a good walk, e.g. Sandwood Bay is four miles from the car-park, or you may need to queue for the ferry to Handa. Every year we have guests who wish they had booked an extra night at Eddrachilles. This is why we, uniquely among local hotels, offer discounted rates for multi-night stays.

Please don’t over-scheudule. This is not a place to rush round, it a unique landscape is to be experienced and savoured. But if you do invest the time, it will truly reward you many times over. Enjoy!