Very IMportant Pets

Sutherland is a perfect destination for dogs and Eddrachilles is a dog friendly hotel with walks available in our grounds and beyond. We allow well behaved and fully socialised dogs in all public areas including the upper room of the restaurant.

Our BowWOW services include: dog towels, bedding, bowls, warm water doggie washing facility, as well as mats and cushions designed for canine comfort. All available on request.    

There is a charge of £10 per dog for staying in a guest bedroom (irrespective of the length of your stay) and we do ask that we are notified in advance of any accompanying dogs even if they are to remain in your vehicle throughout.  We can also make provision to house working gun dogs with notice. Guide and other registered assistance dogs are, of course, free of charge.

Beach Babe Poppy at Balnakeil near Durness in blustery March. One of the many awesome dog walks in NW Sutherland.

Beach Babe Poppy at Balnakeil near Durness in blustery March. One of the many awesome dog walks in NW Sutherland.

Excellent DOg Walking Country

We have a number of recommended routes of varying length for dog walks, including one directly from the hotel front door, and we can tell you where to go to avoid sheep, livestock and deer.  Sutherland is excellent dog walking country but please be sure you have your dog under control at all times.

Of course, we're happy to supply free doggie poo bags. 



Good manners appreciated

At Eddrachilles we have our own resident dogs and cats and at any time we may be hosting other guest dogs. If your pet is nervous of other animals or strangers, please discuss with us before booking. We reserve the right to operate a “three barks” rule in the restaurant.

For the comfort of all our guests we limit the total number of guest dogs staying in the hotel. We do ask that all guest dogs are closely supervised or kept on a lead in the public areas.

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The hotel is covered by an excellent veterinary practice based in Rogart, some 90 minutes drive away. Given the distance, please double check that you have any prescribed medication for your pets before travelling and consider carrying a pets first aid kit (we have one available in the hotel).  

The Highlands also have ticks in summer so best prevent any unwelcome souvenirs by dosing your pets before you travel!