Living Wage Foundation Employer

We are very proud of our accreditation in 2018 as a Living Wage Foundation Employer.  - one of first hotels in Scotland to achieve this. 

We started paying the Real Living Wage in 2017 and already we have seen improved staff retention, a huge challenge for any seasonal business. Best of all, some of our employees have recently decided to live here permanently.

We'd encourage any employer to consider becoming accredited as a Living Wage employer, it's good for employees, the community, your guests, and therefore your business.


What is THE REAL Living WaGE? IS IT Different from the Minimum WAGE

The Foundation's accreditation guarantees that every employee of the hotel earns a REAL living wage - which is currently at least £8.75 per hour. This is significantly higher than the government's minimum which confusingly they have recently branded as the national living wage.  

We also make every effort to ensure that our contractors also pay their staff fairly. 

The figure for the Living Wage is independently calculated using detailed research on what is needed to cover the basic cost of living in the UK. It is quite different from the government's 'national living wage' which is crudely based on a target to reach 60% of median earnings by 2020. This year the Government's target  is £7.83 for those over 25 years old and much less for younger employees. It might be legal but research shows that amount doesn't cover the basic cost of living.



The NW Highlands are beautiful beyond question but this is also an area with multiple economic deprivation indicators.  It's vital to create jobs that genuinely contribute to maintaining our communities.

Becoming a Living Wage employer is a big milestone for us as a business. When we took over Eddrachilles Hotel in March 2016, we were determined to invest to improve the service offered to our guests but also to pay a fair wage to our team. We believe that if you can't afford to pay fairly - or won't -  then you simply haven't got a viable business.   

Although we are currently a seasonal hotel we provide employment both to long term, established residents of the area and to those who use our staff accommodation. Already we have had one employee family who started as seasonal workers but have decided to settle permanently in the area. This is good news for the local school as every child on the roll helps secure its future. 


Important for our GUESTS

We believe our guests want those looking after them to be paid a fair wage for  what is a hard day's work. With a lot of recent bad publicity about the hospitality sector with regards to tips and deductions, more guests have been asking us what our employment policies are. We hope they'll welcome our Living Wage accreditation as it proves we do what we say.

On tips, Eddrachilles Hotel operates a transparent tronc system. Each employee hands in tips received and these are paid into a separate bank account. Every employee can view the account at anytime.  At the end of the season the amount in the account is divided among the employees - and employees only, not the owners - according to the hours they have worked in the hotel during that season. If an employee leaves early the amount owed is calculated and paid.   All employees do, as they are required by law, pay tax on these payments through the payroll but this is better than HMRC making a "calculation" of undeclared income on them as hospitality worker.