Located in one of Europe’s last wildernesses, and in the least populated ward in the European Union, Eddrachilles Hotel has basic connectivity. It is possible for guests in the hotel to connect to the internet via WiFi but in the public areas only.

The service may be slower than you are used to at home, particularly if you live in a city or the suburbs. It should, however, allow you to receive and send emails or browse social media. 

The community around Badcall was not included in the publicly funded improvements to broadband in the Highlands as we are too far from an exchange. This spring we therefore funded our own leased line for the hotel which took thousands of pounds, over a year - and a bit of a campaign - for BT OpenReach to connect.

Doing business in the Highlands can be surprisingly challenging at times! 


Mobile phone signals are currently weak in the grounds of the hotel and almost non-existent within the building.  There is ongoing upgrade work at the local mast but we would not recommend depending on your mobile for calls.                                                                                      

Guests may wish to leave the hotel's main switchboard telephone number with family or friends for emergency or regular contact: +44 (0) 1971 502080. As part of our hospitality, we do not charge guests for fair and reasonable usage of the landline phone in their bedrooms for calls to UK standard numbers. International calls are recharged at cost - unlike some hotels we do not inflate phone charges.