Table D’Hôte at Eddrachilles


Table d’Hôte menu literally means “host’s table” menu. Traditionally this meant a single table where guests dined with the owners at a set time and for a fixed price with few, if any, choices on the menu.

Nowadays there are several interpretations of a Table d’Hôte. At Eddrachilles, we typically seat our guests at one of two times but we offer separate or group tables as preferred. Each sitting is, however, served at broadly the same time and at leisurely pace as befits good, cooked to order, food.

We offer a choice of 3 or 4 courses. Should you opt to miss out on the starter course, your intermezzo and main course will still be served at the same time as other tables. This ensures consistent quality in a small, single-chef kitchen. You are welcome to linger in the lounges for longer or to sit in the restaurant as you prefer, just let us know.

If you need to eat at or by a specific time, please discuss this with us. We will do our best but if our small kitchen cannot accommodate your needs then we will be happy to suggest alternative venues and assist you in making a booking.